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Behind the Mic: Unveiling the BrainBoost Chronicles

The BrainBoost Chronicles
The BrainBoost Chronicles
Behind the Mic: Unveiling the BrainBoost Chronicles

In this episode, Brynnen shares her personal journey from working as a paralegal to becoming a
certified yoga teacher, mindfulness life coach, personal trainer, and specialist in exercise
therapy. She also talks about her interest in studying the relationship between cognitive health
and exercise, as well as her plans to further her education in biopsychology. She introduces her
online business, NeuroElite Women’s Wellness, and provides an overview of the podcast.


  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone can lead to personal growth.
  • Taking care of your mental and physical health is important in high-stress jobs.
  • Exploring different fields and interests can lead to new career paths.
  • Understanding the science behind certain practices can enhance their effectiveness.
    00:00 Introduction and Background
    00:30 Working as a Paralegal
    01:27 Desire to Become a Prosecuting Attorney
    04:24 Transition to a Different Law Firm
    07:44 Exploring Yoga and Nutrition
    09:10 Studying Personal Training
    10:05 Specializing in Exercise Therapy
    10:34 Studying Cognitive Health and Techniques
    11:03 Certification in Naturopathic Psychology
    11:30 Returning to Finish Undergraduate Degree in Psychology
    12:00 Interest in the Brain and Biopsychology
    13:25 Stepping Outside of Comfort Zone
    14:48 Launching NeuroElite Women’s Wellness
    15:18 Overview of the Podcast

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